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Five_beyond - This is not intended as an amateur origami...

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Five Minutes to Teach Study Skills in Class Rehearsing, or Beyond the Flash Card Objective: students will construct a portable flip chart to review material. Procedure: students are probably familiar with flash cards to study material. Another study aid can easily be constructed from four sheets of paper. Step 1: Take four sheets of paper, about 5½” by 8½” and stack them one on the other. Spread the sheets so that each is about a half an inch lower than the next. Step 2: Fold the paper so that the bottom section is about a half inch below the upper section.
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Step 3: Fill in the sheets with topics and related material to be learned.
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Unformatted text preview: This is not intended as an amateur origami lesson but rather an application of the final “R” for rehearse in the PQ3R approach to study reading. Students should not rehearse by just repeating one of the previous activities; instead, they should be actively engaged. When students select significant words or concepts, fill in the headers and body on the sheets, and then use the sheets to recall information by looking at a question or term on the short header and then stating the answer before looking to check, they are actively rehearsing what they have learned from their reading....
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