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Five Minutes to Teach Study Skills in Class What Is Known Objective: introduce students to a personal assessment on a topic Procedure: assign a chapter or section of a textbook or other reading assignment. The selection should include the title and about a dozen significant features, such as sub-headings, text in bold or italics , a graphic, such as a chart or picture with caption. Advise students that they will preview, or survey, the text before reading. This is a modification of the P, or preview, step in the PQ3R approach to study reading. Tell students to read the title, any sub-titles, and captions to pictures,
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Unformatted text preview: illustrations. Monitor the previewing so that the students just read the significant features, such as sub-headings, captions, etc. Allot about 2 minutes to this previewing. Have the students divide a blank sheet of paper into columns, one headed “Known” and the other “To be learned.” Ask students to complete each column, listing what they know about a topic and what they will learn. In closing, ask for some topics from each list. Remind students that when reading, they can build on what they already know about the topic and prepare themselves for new information to be learned....
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