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frank - questions or statements that lead to the perfect...

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Frank Santa Annotated List of Recommended Sites for Writers OWL: Handouts: Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling This site offers handouts and exercises on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is a good idea to learn your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Not all exercises have an answer key included. Good luck. Guide to Grammar & Writing If you are looking for a site that goes back to the very beginnings, the real basic fundamentals, this is it—excellent. The Write Place. Scroll down to "I want to know more about grammar and the parts of a sentence." The format to get the student to where he must go for an answer is superb. Often the student does not know what is the proper question to ask that will lead to the appropriate answer. The student selects from a list of
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Unformatted text preview: questions or statements that lead to the perfect reference. Common Errors in English What a wonderful way to present a list of alphabetized words—word-wrapped across a page—butt naked*by/bye/buy*etc. That list is followed by another list, same presentation, of non-error words—words that people believe to be wrong but aren’t. The site also lists eighteen other “good” sources. Interactive Quizzes There are 172 sections of integrated questions and associated grammar that will enable the student to focus on her most pertinent issue(s) in the practice of writing....
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