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HOW TO PREDICT TEST QUESTIONS Predicting test questions can help get you more involved in your test preparation and in your classes and lectures. Here are some hints on how to predict test questions. Listen and watch during class for hints from the instructor Is some material repeated? What is written on the board or emphasized in a Powerpoint presentation? Does the instructor make gestures, pause, look at the class when some material is presented? Is anything read out loud during class? Note what questions the instructor asks the class Have you written thesequestions down? Could you have answered the question? How did the instructor react to the student's reply? After each lecture or class, write some possible test questions in your notebook Before the test, ask the instructor about the type of test and its length
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Unformatted text preview: About how long will the test be? How will the test be given? Will it be multiple choice, essay, or a mixture of both? • Look over previous quizzes, papers, and other graded material from the class Can you answer all the quiz questions now? Are there any previous tests available in publicly accessible sources, such as a library? Can you solve a type of problem, such as quadratic equation, with different numbers? • Try to think like your instructor What do you consider important from this course? What questions would you ask? In a study group, can you answer your questions made up by your classmates? • Note any time your instructor says: This will be on the test....
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