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How to Take Complete Class Notes 1. Attend all lectures. 2. Include everything the instructors write on the board and mark these notes for special attention. 3. Include everything the instructors say after glancing at their notes. 4. Mark for special attention materials in notes that instructors say is important or difficult to learn. 5. Record examples exactly as they are given so you will recognize them if they show up in test questions. 6. Include all definitions of terminology; in many subjects a large portion of the test questions directly or indirectly test students’ knowledge of terminology. 7. When you miss information leave a space in your notes. After class find out what you missed and write it in your notes. Compare notes with a classmate. 8. Take notes until the very end of class. Instructors often rush to cover a great deal of information during the last few minutes of a class session.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Build note taking speed by using abbreviations and be aware of teachers' signals 10. Copy notes from a classmate if you are absent. When Instructors Talk Fast 1. Leave large empty spaces in your notes. Use some type of symbol or sign in the margin to indicate missed material. 2. Be willing to make choices . When an instructor talks too fast, focus your attention on keys points and write them down. Do not try to write every word. 3. Exchange photocopies of notes with classmates. 4. Take more time to prepare for class. Preview material before class. Familiarity with the subject makes it easier to pick out key points. 5. See the instructor after class. Show you notes to the instructor indicating what you missed. This is also a good time to ask questions. 6. Ask the instructor to slow down or repeat what you missed....
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