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The report from the taking NSACS (2006) however, reported a discouraging outcome for literacy. [A]mong students in 2-year institutions, the average prose and document literacy of students who completed a remedial English class or both a remedial English and a remedial math class was significantly lower than the average literacy of students who never took a remedial class. (p 44) In an e-mail, the primary author of this study, (Baldi,2006) indicated that the remedial students were asked if
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Unformatted text preview: they had taken “at least one semester-long course” and about “50% of all 2-year students reported having taken such a course.” On the one hand, the assessment of the literacy abilities of college students hints that they are on a par with college classmates, but on the other hand the NSACS seems to indicate that remedial/developmental students are not as literate as their classmates....
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