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Intro - like to offer a service to our colleagues Jay...

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Dear Colleagues, The Learning Lab teaches study skills through individual tutoring sessions, websites, and group workshops, but we realize that we are not reaching all the students who want to learn effectively and efficiently. The primary way to reach the most students is to teach study skills in the context of the classroom, but some instructors may not feel they have the time or study skills background to help students acquire and utilize these strategies. In order to assist faculty who want to teach study skills in their classrooms, we would
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Unformatted text preview: like to offer a service to our colleagues. Jay Howard, Learning Lab, has written up some short, activity-based instructional modules so that instructors may present study skills in the classroom. These modules are available on the web for faculty to integrate into their lectures and classes. In addition, Jay will also consult with faculty interested in teaching study skills in their classes. For more information, contact Jay at [email protected]
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