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Byron Hussie Report 1 Byron Hussie English 104 September 12, 2002 Lab 1 Reader Response Literary Theories There are two reader response literary theories of varying extremity as to their broad sweeping implications relating to the relationship between the reader and the writer of a body of work. The first of these theories is the subjective criticism theory, which states that the impact of a piece of writing is entirely up to the individual interpretation of the reader. The text itself is said to have no meaning without this perception and interpretation, therefore the emphasis of writing shifts from what is written, to what is read. The second theory, the transactional criticism theory, is similar, but allows for the reader's interpretation to be shaped by
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Unformatted text preview: what the writer has written. The implications of this overall theory, as applied to tutoring writing, is that the reader and the writer become collaborators on the piece of writing, removing the initial mystery as to what the reader's individual interpretation will be. Both the writer and the tutor will learn from this experience, the writer having a real-time audience whose reactions and criticisms may be used to improve the piece, and the reader, or the tutor, will learn to fine-tune his or her perception of writing, allowing for improvement in his or her own writing....
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