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lab1ls - Here the importance of talk is emphasized because...

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Leticia Smith Eng. 104 Assg. # 2 Summary Theory Talk and writing as a means of tutoring a person to write seems logical. Here the passage explains the obvious relationship between talking, something that is done naturally and learning; which with a little stoking no longer requires a conscious effort. Talking, even if one never had the ability to, would still be subject to hearing, and seeing people speak a language. It is a medium, a first contact that opens the doors for some type of interaction, forcing a response, creating an open environment to exchange thoughts and ideas.
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Unformatted text preview: Here the importance of talk is emphasized because people take it for granted. Without this baseline, how does one find what is needed by the student, and how does the student know what the tutor is trying to pass on? The interaction required to solve the problems of writing involves talking, eye contact, listening, patience, time, and some degree of love for the subject, the individuals, and oneself. This environment is conducive to learning....
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