lab1pm - ones interpretation Supporting David Bleichs...

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Pamela McElrath Eng. 104 9/13/02 Summary Chapter 1 Tutoring Writing As I completed chapter one all tutoring writing theories seemed prevalent. However, the Reader Response Literary Theories, I have witnessed in action for most of my life. David Bleichs subjective criticism and Louise Rosenblatts transactional criticism theories have existed for years in the Barber and Beauty Shops, as both my parents owned one. Current events were always discussed, when they were taking a break from politics. These talks were a direct response from what was read in the newspaper text. Everyone had an opinion, interpretation of the news. Some
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would say” I know better than that because it happened to me”, drawing from a life experience their interpretation. New ideas were formed from the sharing of
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Unformatted text preview: ones interpretation. Supporting David Bleichs theory that the meaning of a text comes from the reader, not the text. Louise Rosenblatt states that “ the reader is not outside the control of the text and that the text structures, directs, and provides new material”. I would often hear people say “ you must read between the lines all isn’t true”. It took me a long time to figure out what they were talking about. When reading anything you must always read as a believer and as a doubter. Thus allowing, oneself to see other viewpoints from the same text. In all the theories communication was of the most important. Sharing your interpretation with others and drawing new ideas from their response. This is what tutoring writing is, an active interaction between two people formulating new ideas from the same text....
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lab1pm - ones interpretation Supporting David Bleichs...

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