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Gywneth Bacon INTERVIEW WITH A TUTOR Judith Reitzes was surprised at first to meet me and remarked that I did not look like the typical ESL student. Although I had set up the appointment as an interview, apparently she had not gotten the message. However she graciously agreed to the interview. I had decided to take a very informal approach with no prearranged questions. I was mainly interested in why she tutored and what she considered to be the pluses and minuses of tutoring. As the interview progressed it was apparent from her animation when explaining her work that she derives a great deal of satisfaction from tutoring. She is a faculty member and teaches four levels of ESL. Her students are Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, and Spanish and are mostly in their twenties. Ms. Reitzes speaks Spanish
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Unformatted text preview: and some French but the format of her class and tutoring sessions is to use English, only, thus enabling her to help a wide variety of students. She focuses on her students' interests and the individual material each is working with. The only downside she offered is that she has to be careful not to overdo expectations and to hold back to allow her students to work and improve at their individual pace. She has worked for a number of years as a teacher of English for ESL students and is happy to continue in a job she is eminently suited for by education, inclination, and commitment to her students, a combination guaranteed to succeed....
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