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CASE STUDY #3 Reiteration of Ron's case Ron asked a tutor to look over his essay. When reading through it the tutor noticed that Ron had about 4 errors involving subject-verb agreement. For example; one sentence read, "The neighbor work " and another was, "One of the tenants are…" Tutor's Response Ron would be asked to read his essay out loud so that it could determined if his problem was the result of speech patterns in his community or merely weak grammar skills that needed to be reviewed and reinforced. This would give some insight as to the source and the depth of Ron's problem regarding subject-verb agreement. If Ron's difficulty was due to speech patterns in his community, the tutor's job would be more difficult. It was going to be more difficult also for Ron to grasp the concept of subject-verb relationships. In any event, a strategy would be developed to help Ron understand the correct subject-verb agreement. On-
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Unformatted text preview: the-spot examples of correct subject-verb agreement using Ron's name and the names of Ron's family/friends, where appropriate, would be created. Tutor and Ron would then do several drills using these examples until tutor was satisfied that Ron had grasped the principle of what tutor was trying to convey. Ron would be given the examples to take home with him as a point of reference later on when he made the corrections to his essay paper independent of the tutor. Tutor would ask Ron to return to the Central Learning Lab as soon as the corrections were completed so that he and tutor could review the revised essay together. Tutor would determine at that time whether Ron had fully understood the subject-verb relationship or whether there was more work to be done....
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