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lab4ls - that even though the students enjoy writing they...

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case study Response One consistency that is prevalent in the survey of the English 098 class is the high numbers of uncertain answers that were given by the students. This may indicate that the students have not had the opportunity to explore their writing abilities, or may have misinformation that deters them from confidently pursuing or taking an interest in writing. In questions 1, 14, and 19, the answers suggest that the individuals overall like writing and think it is worth a persons time to learn to write well. Subsequently, questions 5, 10, 13, and 20 show that they do have some confidence; enough at least they would not shy away from people critiquing their writing. But in 11 and 12 a lack of recognition for the importance of writing properly presents itself. And finally, questions 4 and 16 conclude
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Unformatted text preview: that even though the students enjoy writing they may not particularly enjoy the process. Furthermore, they do not enjoy the process, because they are not secure with their writing skills. Now because of the lovely comparison of English 098 to that of the English 104 class’ answers, we can see that there is hope for these individuals. Because they at least enjoy writing we can only hope they continue to enjoy it and reap the benefits from it. The answers of the English 104 students were similar but a little higher or lower suggesting there was some growth with the individuals concerning the understanding of writing along with the importance of doing it well....
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