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lab5gb - For disability support services such as blindness...

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LAB 4 ENGLISH 104 [email protected] Gwyneth Bacon STUDENT RESOURCES I found the Student Handbook an invaluable source of information about Community College’s resourses for students and recommend that students pick one up. They are available in the Student Life Building on 17 th street right across from Bonnell Building. The booklet contains information on “How to Get Around, Student Services, Student Information, (listing locations and phone numbers for the various offices addressing special needs) as well as a Calendar of College Events and Code of Conduct.
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Unformatted text preview: For disability support services, such as blindness or deafness the Center on Disability is located on the fist floor of the Mint Building M1-22, phone 215-751-8050. The Financial Aid Office is located on the ground floor of the Bonnell Building, BG3, phone number, 215-751-8270. Conflicts with family can be helped by the Counseling Services , Wynett building, W2-2, on the corner of 17 th street and Spring Garden, phone number, 215- 751-8169....
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