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lab6ek - Observation of Tutoring Session Student assignment...

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Observation of Tutoring Session Student assignment : Write an essay on the greatest challenges facing reading/writing today. OBSERVATION Student A.S. spoke with a heavy accent leading me to speculate that he might be an ESL student. It was my impression from the beginning that the student did not fully understand the question; specifically how the words 'facing' and 'challenge' were used in the essay question. The tutor seemed unaware that the student's apparent lack of comprehension of the essay question was at the heart of his difficulty. I interrupted only once during the session when I asked to see a copy of the assignment. A sentence in the assignment referred to 'Toni Morrison's Address' as a reference source. I think that this could have been key to the student's understanding as to what he was to do and enable him to get started on the essay. I assume that A. S.'s English instructor had given the class a handout on the referenced Toni Morrison material.
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