lab6ls - tutor session observation "leticia...

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tutor session observation "leticia smith" Andrea Klayman was the name of the individual conducting the tutor session. Prior to the individual showing up she was assisting a friend with and entrance letter to Temple University. I introduced myself and she explained that the individual we were to be working with had not arrived and to sit tight in the meantime, so I had the opportunity to still eavesdrop. A mix up in actually who was scheduled to arrive presented itself and that was the first thing that I noticed about what Ms. Klayman did. She needed to clarify who was supposed to be there. I could see that was very important; I got the sense that she was focused on doing one thing with one individual, so the fact that she was going to be dealing with someone else came across to me as somewhat as a concern, seeing how she wanted to be prepared for whom ever was to show up. Next, the individual showed up. I actually introduced myself before the gentleman sat down and asked if it was ok to sit- in. He was fine; then the
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lab6ls - tutor session observation "leticia...

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