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lab7dp - thesis “ Was Nostradamus a gifted seer?” or...

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LAB #7 Background This paper is an e-mailed essay from an English 101 student on Nostradamus. The student is uncertain about three areas of his essay, coherence, organization, and thesis statement. Online Tutor Critique of Submitted Essay Let me begin with thesis statement. A thesis statement is a proposition or an argument, with which the author focuses the topic of the paper. A more sophisticated thesis will result in a more sophisticated paper. Rather than choose a sentence in your opening paper, and trying to make it work as a thesis I will instead write a thesis sentence based upon the reading of the rest of your paper. This is a sort of reverse engineering process. “Three times, Nostradamus predicted events that would later happen in the future.” This is simple thesis, but as you form a more complex thesis, you will also improve your paper. Perhaps rewriting the title as a question could be a helpful method for improving the
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Unformatted text preview: thesis. “ Was Nostradamus a gifted seer?” or “Do prophets exist?” You could then answer this question as your thesis, and your paper could also look at both possible arguments. The conclusion could be you restating about how you, in your paper, have just proved your thesis. It is important to always keep your thesis in your mind, and always know how the paragraph you are working on relates back to the thesis. Similarly, every paragraph should have a topic sentence, and each succeeding sentence should somehow relate back to that. With careful attention to the thesis and how it relates to the rest of the paper you can easily improve the coherence and organization of your paper. A thesis sentence always exists even if it is not written. With out a good thesis the best you can accomplish is to either ramble on about the subject, to simple list different ideas in no coherent way....
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