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Joseph Mulligan Eng 104 Lab 7 Coherence is hard to achieve even for the most advanced of writers. Although this student is most likely a 098 English student, he established coherence well enough in this piece to allow the reader to see the big picture. What this essay adds up to is simply a recounting of Nostradamus' prophecies and how they came true. It is meant to inform the reader of the accuracy of his predictions into the future and for the reader to accept the rest of his prophecies as they might one day come true. I easily picked this up, so I would say his coherence is straight enough. The organization of this paper is also acceptable. He discusses Nostradamus’ prophecies in order according to the real time in which they came true. It is a five-paragraph essay and each essay mentions
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Unformatted text preview: certain aspects that the writer wished to address. His thesis statement is non-existent in this essay. There is not one sentence in the introduction that summarizes what he will speak of throughout the essay. My recommendation to this student would be for him to first draw out an outline of the paper first. Identify his introduction, body and conclusion. He should then summarize the body in one sentence and add that at the end of his introduction to provide an adequate thesis statement. My only other note on this essay would be that I thought the student was asking for help in the wrong areas. He should have asked for help in bettering his sentence structures and making his essay more cohesive. There were also several spelling areas that should have been covered....
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