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Pamela McEkrath Eng. Lab. 104 Lab. #7 Essay One Response Hello student: I enjoyed reading your paper. The thesis statement that I received from your paper was that Nostradamus is an accurate clairvoyant , which you back up with the predictions that came true. The paper also suggested a comparison of others seers that have failed. The comparison needs expanding. There are also some paragraphs where you need to rephrase and combine the sentences
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Unformatted text preview: you wrote. Example the first paragraph; There are many accounts of incidents involving ordinary people having vision or prophecies for thousands of years. One of the most accurate and famous clairvoyants is Michael de Nostradamus a French physician and astrologer. Try and do this with the rest of the paper. One last suggestion, try finding other words that also mean seer. The paper is good and I enjoyed reading it. Hope those suggestion help. Good Luck!!...
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