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This writer's paper would fall into the thesis/focus tutorial. He has alot of good information about his subject,but he has to narrow it down to the facts that are really important. As I looked over the paper a few mistakes and problems jump out at me. I would start off by suggesting that we take the paper apart idae by idea, topic sentence bytopic snetence and then reconstruct ituntil all the pieces fit. The introduction would be first. The writer seems to have some goods ideas about Nostradamus but lacks a thesis statement and focus for
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Unformatted text preview: the paper.After the intro and thesis statement are finished then we would construct a body for the paper.I would suggest that the writer make a list of details and important facts ( related to the thesis statement) about Nostradamus, then make coherent sentences from the list.For a conclusion I'd suggest that the writer write about how history might ahve been altered if someone had taken heed to Nostradamus. Tanzania Clark...
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