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lab8dp - I think that this paper needs a rewrite and not...

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I don’t think that the author needs to worry about run on sentences at this point in the paper. The first question that I would like to ask the author is what does she want her paper to do. Right now what the paper, summarizes the novel, from beginning to end. There are a few other things that she might want to consider doing in her book report. The first thing she might want her paper to do is recommend the novel. To do this I would shorten the summary, perhaps not give away the ending. Then I would consider who would like this novel and why. On the other hand, maybe the author didn’t like the book in which case I as the reader of her paper would be interested to know why. This is probably the simplest approach to this paper.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that this paper needs a rewrite and not just a revision. The organization of the paper is a mess. I would have her do a five-paragraph essay, with an introduction containing a summary of the novel. I would recommend that she use one or two direct quotes. Using direct quotes have always helped me clarify for myself and for my reader exactly what I am trying to say. In using direct quotes, you need make it very clear why you are using that quote by introducing it, quoting it, and then explaining it. If you do once or twice you already have one or two good paragraphs. I also find it helpful to break up my essay into paragraphs in order to organize my information....
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