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lab8tc - transitions,and if not then we would work on some...

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The writer of this paper would have to come for a development tutorial.There are some key things missig from the paper and some pieces ofth puzzle that just don't fit. The tutor would have to ask alot of questions to get an understanding of what the writer is trying to communicate to her readers. I would suggest that before any writing is done that the writer explain the story to me, so that could help with formulation of ideas.It is always good to start at the beginning so while writer explains I, she, or we could map out an introduction for the paper.I would also see if the writer hasany understading of
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Unformatted text preview: transitions,and if not then we would work on some examples befroe moving on to createa body for the paper. I would suggest that the body follow a sort of time line of te events in the main character's life. Then we would build a conclusion around the writer's opinion, like how the writer felt about the characters lifestyle choices. Helping the writer would take a team effort to focus on the ideas the writer is trying to communicate. Im sure if the writer gain understanding then she will problem matching topics and relative details....
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