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[email protected] lab9 Gwyneth Bacon Dear 101 Student It is helpful to know the exact subject of a paper to give advise about a particular thesis. Are you writing a book review or a personal reaction to the story? If you’re doing a book review the thesis statement should contain your evaluation of the work, followed by a brief synopsis of the plot, followed by your reasons for your assessment. In your conclusion refer back to the thesis statement. On the other hand a discussion of what you liked or disliked in this particular story would be more
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Unformatted text preview: personal and geared to your personal taste in literature. The thesis statement should address your preferences. A brief recounting of the story for clarity for the reader would follow together with a comparison of the story’s aspects e.g. writing style, genre, entertainment to your personal preferences. The conclusion should recap your personal reaction to the story, drawing from your thesis statement. I hope I have been helpful. Feel free to contact me if you need. Good Luck!...
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