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Leticia Smith Lab 9 The message from your paper gives you the thesis. Maybe a general statement will help, then the story will easily support your thesis. Your background information on the Matilda sets up her 10 year struggle presenting all of the issues. Maybe a statement such as the truth hurts but misconception is a waste of time can be used to set your paper up for Matilda's issues relating to truth and misconception, or what ever description you think suits the story. The truth hurts but misconception is a waste of time. In the story The
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Unformatted text preview: Necklace Matilda struggles internally with. ... She decides to handle a situation in a way that. ....... The likes and dislikes are. .. Her ideas about the rich and her feelings about her personal situation created more unhappiness for her and her husband. Your paper is clear in the point you are trying to make you should be able to pull a thesis out of the paper, which can happen sometimes after the paper is written....
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