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Tanzania Clark English 104 Tutoring is more than a peer-proofreading group. Tutors have to be able to communicate well with students and provide constructive criticism. During a tutoring session the tutor should be able to get an understanding of the student’s ideas and focus of a paper. A good way to effectively help a student is by following this simple plan: listen, read, talk direct. It can be helpful to both the tutor and student. First, the tutor should listen to what the student is saying when he/she comes in for a tutorial. By doing this the tutor will lean what it is the student has to do, how he/she has to do it, and what the student needs help working on. Just listening can help the tutor better understand how to approach the student’s paper. Then the tutor should read through the student’s paper completely. This is how a tutor can determine if the student needs help in areas such as thesis statement formation, paragraph structure, or run-on sentences. Once the tutor is aware of the student’s grammatical strengths and weaknesses than he/she can proceed with
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