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labone - 2 Read Chapter One"Theories Underpinning...

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Goal: Become familiar with the Central Learning Lab, Room B1-28 Activities: 1. Pick up a copy of the Writing Attitude Scale (McAndrew & Reigstad, p. 129.) at the appointment desk. Complete the scale and return it to the desk. (This scale will be anonymous; it will be used to develop a profile for the class. You might want to complete another scale or complete the one in the book for yourself.)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Read Chapter One "Theories Underpinning Tutoring Writing," choose one theory, and write a short summary of that theory. Send it to Jay Howard via e-mail or submit a hard copy to him. Due: Friday, 13 Sept 2002. Lab Reports Byron Hussie Elizabeth Kennedy Joe Mulligan Leticia Smith Gwyneth Bacon Pam McElrath Tanzania Clark David Palsgrove Return to list Return to list...
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