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labten - importance a refinement of what they mean a...

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Goal: Tutor Protocol Based on your experiences in Engl 104, write up guidelines for a tutor. You do not have to include everything you have learned, but please do not write up a list. Try to write a standard, 5 paragraph essay developed from a thesis statement, which presents some key factors which a tutor should consider. The factors should not just be listed, but they should be "developed." That might entail an explanation of their
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Unformatted text preview: importance, a refinement of what they mean, a justification for their use, or a link to other sources. In your introduction, give a setting. Is this for a tuto working online or face-to-face? Write up your response and e-mail it to [email protected] Due: Friday, 22 November 2002. Lab Reports Byron Hussie Elizabeth Kennedy Joe Mulligan Leticia Smith Gwyneth Bacon Pam McElrath Tanzania Clark David Palsgrove Return to list...
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