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Goal: Interview a Reading/Writing Specialist in the Learning Lab and Thereby Learn More About Tutoring Activities: Read Chapter Three "What Tutoring Writing Isn't" and Chapter Four "The Writing and Tutoring Processes" in McAndrew and Reigstad as background. Schedule an interview with one of the Lab faculty listed below. This is to be an informational interview, one in which you gain insight about tutoring. You should prepare a list of questions in advance. The questions might be wide-ranging, asking about a number of topics, or they might be focused. Write up a short response paper on the interview, highlighting one or two things about the Lab or tutoring. Here is a list of faculty you might want to interview. Please keep in mind that while they have agreed to be interviewed, they have other things to do. You will probably need to contact them in advance to fit an interview into their schedule. Some of the faculty have tutoring hours listed in the computer appointment
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Unformatted text preview: system in the Lab. You may want to make an appointment with them using that system. Interviews - • Dr. Paul Bonila Writing Spet 215 751-8825 B2-36D • Dr. John Nace Writing Spet 215 751-8485 B1-28D • Dr. Jay Howard Reading/Writing Spet 215 751-8929 B2-36C • Gary Mitchell Reading/Writing Spet 215 751-8592 W3-26D • Olympia Mitchell LD Spet and Coordinator, Cooperative Learning Communities 215 751-8474 B2-36E • Joan Monroe LD Spet 215 751-8478 • Judith Reitzes ESL Spet 215 751-8471 B1-28I • Merle Fineman Reading/Writing Spet and Tutor Coordinator 215 751-8477 B1-28J • Mary Yannuzzi Reading/Writing Spet and Department Head 215 751-8484 B1-28 • Judith Rossman Reading/Writing Spet 215 751-8552 W3-26B • John Pinto ESL Spet 215 751-8593 W3-26C • A part-time faculty member of the Learning Lab Due: 4 October 2002 Leticia Smith Elizabeth Kennedy Gwyneth Bacon Return to list...
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