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Goal: Complete a linked list of resources for writers Activities: Go online and use search engines, directories, Chapter 10 "Tutoring and Technology" and p. 142 "Electronic Resources" to access websites devoted to writing. Put together a list of useful links with annotations and send to Jay Howard . Two models of links can be found on the Learning Lab website and on the Humanities homepage which is part of the College's Library . All OWLS roost at Purdue, which is a great site, but go beyond Indiana. I am not sure that the Purdue site is the best for developmental writers. These hot lists will be made available to your classmates and perhaps can be incorporated into the College
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Unformatted text preview: webpages. If you are unfamiliar with the construction of webpages, I will be in the Lab, B1-28 Tuesday and Thursday, 10 and 1 and Wednesday at 10 to assist you. You might also want to use this template . Just replace the lines beginning with "type. .." with your information and save the result on your own diskette. Due: 20 Sept 2002 Note Start to plan interviews, Week Three Since you will have to fit your interviews into the faculty member's schedule, you might need to plan well ahead. Lists from Writers in 104 Elizabeth Kennedy Byron Hussie Joe Mulligan Leticia Smith Gwyneth Bacon Pam McElrath Frank Cwik Return to list...
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