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Summary of Baseline Data and Recommendations for Master Student Workshops Attendance falls off as the semester progresses, with the exception of one day session, which increased attendance for the last topic (Ace Those Tests) The first workshop of the two week cycle attracts more students than the second workshop Students who attended the workshops were likely to be female and older than the general College population. According to the College Factbook, 63% of students were female in Spring 02; in the workshop, casual attendees were 80% female and frequent attendees were 87% female. The median age for all students was 26; in the workshops, the casual student median age is 28 and the frequent median age is 32.5. The students were put into two groups, those who attended frequently, 4 or more times; those who attended casually, fewer than 4 times Casual attendees had a median cumulative GPA of 2.86 and frequent attendees had a median cumulative GPA of 3.0. The College median cumulative GPA was
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