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Notetaking Abbreviations Common Abbreviations p.or pg. page # or no. number b/c because b/4 before wd. word w/ with w/o without eg. or ex. example re: reason etc. in addition vs. versus inc. increase dec. decrease > more than < less than & and = equal does not equal + positive negative % percent leads to t therefore Δ change rx reaction T temperature d/c discontinue i.e. that is Use an apostrophe gov't government am't amount con’d continued educat’l educational
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Unformatted text preview: Write only consonants and omit vowels chldrn children lv leave frdm freedom rd read mtg meeting bkgrd background Use "g" to indicate "ing" writg writing meetg meeting answerg answering Use only the beginning of a word ref. reference diff. difference, different def. definition comp. compare ex. example imp. important chem. . chemistry psych. psychology Use initials US United States CNS central nervous system A&P Anatomy and Physiology Create your own abbreviations :...
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