pack3 - 7 Don't J get too > f corrifortable TtIrn'II1 II'II...

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,f", _ '\, ", > '" " 7. Don't get too corrifortable. "\"',,_ J In bed, your body gets a signal. For most students, it's more likely to be, "Time to sleep," rather than, "Time to study!" Easy chairs and sofas are also dangerous places to study. Learning requires energy. Give your body a message that energy is needed. Put yourself into a situation that supports that message. S. Use a library. Libraries are designed for learning. The lighting is perfect. The noise level is low. Materials are available. Entering a library is a signal to your body to quiet the mind and get to work. Most people can get more done in a shorter time at a library. Experiment for yourself. Hou,to handle "'. 9. Pay attention to your attention. Breaks in concentration are often caused by internal interruptions; your own thoughts jumping in to tell you another story about the world. When that happens, notice the thoughts and let them go. 10. Agree with living mates about study time. This includes roommates, wives, husbands, and kids. (See the article in this chapter about studying with a toddler.) Make the rules clear, and be sure to follow them yourself. Make explicit agreements-even written contracts. One student always wears a colorful hat when he wants to study. When his wife and children see the hat, they respect his wish to be left alone. 11. A void noise distractions. Don't study in front of the TV. Turn off the stereo. -Many students insist that they study better with music, and that may be true. Some students have reported good results with carefully selected and controlled music. The overwhelming majority of research indicates that silence is the best form
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pack3 - 7 Don't J get too > f corrifortable TtIrn'II1 II'II...

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