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PAPER1 - The Seer Nostradamus For thousands of years...

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The Seer Nostradamus For thousands of years ordinary people have had visions of the future. There are many accounts of incidents involving prophecies through history. One of the most famous seers of the future was Michel de Nostradamus. He is one of the most accurate prophets. He was a French physician and astrologer. He predicted the death of King Henry II. Also, he predicted the French Revolution and the death of John F. Kennedy First of all, Nostradamus prophesied the death of King Henry II. He wrote: "the young lion would overcome the old one in combat; he will pierce his eyes through a golden cage and two wounds made one, then he will die a cruel death". Everything Nostradamus said happened. June 1559, Henry II and Comte de Montgomery, a man six younger than Henry II, were in a jousting tournament. They both had shield with the symbols of lions. In the last match, Montgomery's lance broke and fragments went through Henry's golden helmet. One fragment went into the king's eye and the other went in his throat. Henry II suffered two wounds that came
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