PAPER2 - A Problem with Financial aid In todays world,...

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Unformatted text preview: A Problem with Financial aid In todays world, post-secondary schooling costs money. Financial aid is a necessity for most students to complete their schooling. My concerns are with the processing period, long period of standing line, and last but not least waiting for the award. I applied for financial aid months in advance and complete the necessary paperwork by the deadline. Then I received paperwork stating my pin number and the information that they have received from me also another paper telling me to verify the information by checking yes and mailing it back. After I mail the information no more papers was send, so I assume that everything was fine. Then on the first day of school when I went to get my Identification card after standing in a very long line they told me my financial wasnt active. Despite the fact that I was responsible on my end, I was told by financial aid that my aid could not be processed because they were waiting for verification. So, I had to wait in a line that wrapped all around the processed because they were waiting for verification....
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