PAPER3 - I have various impression of CCP as a learning institution I heard nothing but great things about the academy When building a new

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I have various impression of CCP as a learning institution. I heard nothing but great things about the academy. When building a new institution; they should use CCP for a blue print. In my opinion CCP is not you’re typically school it has several advantages over other academy. The staff’s compassion towards the students is something to admire. Instructors that is willing to help students through various ways to bring out the best in student, through programs. For instance CCP offer tutoring free of charge for, Math and Science just to name a few. Instructors in CCP are known to assist students through decision making or problems. In addition instructor realizes when students are in need of special attention and use that to their advantage to help the student make progress. Counselors are wonderful at CCP they prevent students from stressing and feeling anxiety. They place flyers all across the campus to encouraging students to make an appointment. To discuss several of things for instance help students apply for new courses and help them with financial aid. They also do a
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