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Surveys suggest 94 perent of American parents believe that spanking is right but zero percent never look at the long term effects of spanking. Spanking can cause bigger problems later in the future like delinquency, not learning right from wrong, the chance of the children using hitting to solve problems and the effect of psychological problems later on in life. Many people believe that spanking children is the way to make them obey but spanking can actually cause children to act out more the older they get. Dr. Paul Myser of University of Arizon of Behavioral Science over a five year span conducted studies that invovled five families. Three of which whom spanks their children and two who did not. Studies showed that the children who were spanked when they got older rebelled against their parents. For example Bobby Teller who was nine at the time the study began and is now 14 years old is having major problems with his parents. Instead of talking to them, he finds other ways to cope with them by drinking, smoking and fighting. He was one child who was spanked. Dr. Myser states,
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