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Unformatted text preview: The novel Third and Indiana is taken place in Philadelphia, which is known as the Badlands. The author of this novel is Steve Lopez. In this novel Ofelia Santoro is Gabriel's mother. He bought her a bike for her Birthday. Gabriel ran away from home. So, his mother would dress in all black and take her bike out at night to look for her fourteen- year-old son. Ofelia became really good friends with a priest and he would walk the streets at night to help her look for her son. Sometimes Gabriel would watch from the El, but he never said a word to her. She did everything that she could possibly do to find her son. Gabriel had gotten involved with the wrong crowd and also got involved with dealing drugs. He started out as a look out and then moved up to a drug dealer. He had gotten involved with a man named Diablo. Diablo was the boss of all the drug dealers, including Gabriel. Diablo was a really mean man; he beat up the priest badly. The priest was walking up and down the street protesting against drugs and he got beat up for it. badly....
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