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I agree with the comment that the paper is not convincing. Certainly, there is neither evidence that Nostradamus was the best prophet, nor that he was even a prophet. The writer just asks the reader to take as face value the assertion that Nostradamus predicted an event, without producing the prediction. (Since one of my brothers-in-law knows that I get a bit agitated when people mention Nostradamus prophecies, he gave me a book about him and his prophecies. Actually, anything can be explained the day after it occurs by referring to one of the ambiguous and opaque verses which Nostradamus wrote.)
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Unformatted text preview: The other comment asking for more information makes me consider the need for content in developmental writing essays. Most of these essays are contentless; even a paper on an admired person or a neighborhood is without any real content. It would not hurt to combine some of the summarizing activities often taught in a developmental reading class with the writing assignments and ask writers to present some information. Jay Howard Go to Round One Comments Back to Index...
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