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Dear S…, Here are some reactions to your paper on Nostradamus, a very interesting character. Your thesis statement seems to be that "He is one of the most accurate prophets." This is a very challenging thesis. Since you are using the superlative "most accurate" you imply that Nostradamus could be compared to two or more other prophets, and that his accuracy rating would be the highest. A similar thesis statement would be "She (Runner C) is one of the fastest sprinters." This could be supported by showing that Runner A has a time of 10 seconds for the 100 meters, Runner B has a time of 9.9, and Runner C has a time of 9.8. I am not familiar with accuracy ratings for prophets, and so this thesis statement would be very difficult to support even if you compared Nostradamus with at least two other prophets. Perhaps it would be more productive to re-phrase your thesis to something such as "Three events have shown that Nostradamus was a very perceptive prophet" or "Nostradamus was very prescient
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Unformatted text preview: about three key events." (I assume that "prescient" might be an unfamiliar word, but when writing about this prophecy, it might be helpful to learn vocabulary related to the topic.) In your essay, you make some absolute declarations, such as "Everything Nostradamus said happened" or "Every line of the prophecy came to be as Nostradamus predicted." If every thing or every line were true, there could be no exceptions. It is very daring to go out on the shaky and thin limb and state that "everything" is true. It might be more reasonable to note that most of what Nostradamus wrote was true, or that "The prophecy came to be as Nostradamus predicted." S, I hope these comments help. I will be back on campus Monday, 11 March, and would like to continue our conversation. - Jay Howard Go to Round One Comments Back to Index...
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