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Lab Reading Activity for “Highly Educated and Deep in Debt” by Amy Manzetti from Use your marginal notes to answer the following questions. 1. According to the NY Times article “Newly Bankrupt Raking in Piles of Credit Offers,” how many people had filed for bankruptcy by the end of October 2005? How many people does the article “Highly Educated and Deep in Debt” say financial experts expect to file for bankruptcy by the end of 2006? 2. What do you make of these two numbers?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What is the difference in the percent of bankruptcies attributed to people younger than 25 in 2001 and 1999? 4. Why are young adults having trouble with their finances? Easy access to credit cards, lack of financial education and mismanagement of credit 5. Does this article suggest that bankruptcy is a good way to solve debt problems? Why or why not? 6. According to the pie chart included in this article, which age group has the largest proportion of debtors filing for bankruptcy?...
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