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Selfevalutaion note - b Use blank space to show shift in...

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Self-Evaluation of Note- Taking Skills Evaluate your present note-taking skills by putting a check mark beside each of the thirteen note-taking hints that you already practice. DO PLAN NOW TO DO _____ _____ 1. Take notes on classroom work. _____ _____ 2. Sit near the front of the class. _____ _____ 3. Read in advance textbook material about the topic to be presented in class. 4. Record your notes as follows: _____ _____ a. Use full-sized 8 ½ x 11-inch paper. _____ _____ b. Use a ballpoint pen. _____ _____ c. Use a notebook divided into parts. _____ _____ d. Date each day's notes. _____ _____ e. Take notes on one side of the page only. _____ _____ f. Write legibly. _____ _____ g. Abbreviate common words and recurring terms. _____ _____ h. Indicate assignments and exams. 5. Write notes in outline form as follows: _____ _____ a. Start main points at the margin: indent secondary points.
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Unformatted text preview: _____ _____ b. Use blank space to show shift in thought. 6. Watch for signals of importance: _____ _____ a. Write whatever your instructor puts on the hoard. _____ _____ b. Write definitions and enumerations. _____ _____ c. Write down points marked by emphasis words. _____ _____ d. Record repeated points. _____ _____ e. Note the hints given by the teacher’s tone of voice. _____ _____ 7. Write down examples. _____ _____ 8 Write down connecting details and explanations. 9. Do as follows: _____ _____ a. Leave space for notes missed. _____ _____ b. Try to get the broad sweep of ideas when you fall behind. _____ _____ 10. Question the instructor when an idea is not clear. _____ _____ 11. Do not stop taking notes during discussion periods. _____ _____ 12. Do not stop taking notes toward the end of the class. _____ _____ 13. Go over your notes as soon as possible after class....
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