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Seven Steps to Improve Memory The first 4 steps help you input information into your short term memory; the last 3 assist you from forgetting. 1. Make sure you UNDERSTAND the information. It is very difficult to memorize nonsense or meaningless information. Understanding of major concepts or themes important to subject would be a prerequisite to memorizing details. Visual aid: STAND U N D E R 2. Reduce INTERFERENCE. Try to work in a place where you will not be distracted. If possible, find time when you can devote at least a half hour to the memory task. Visual: EARPLUGS. 3. Be ACTIVE. Start with your body. Maybe you should stand up or pace when learning. Draw pictures or diagrams in the air. Talk out loud. Make your mind active. Think of how your teacher will test you on a topic. Visual : 4. Form ASSOCIATIONS. This is a key memory device and there are a number of ways to employ it. Memory associations, or mnemonics, might be based on
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Unformatted text preview: acronyms, sentences, vivid references, or a journey through a familiar place. Visual: the first 3 letters of “association” form “ass” - a beast who carries heavy loads 5. REPEAT. Repetition is a very good memory technique, but it can be boring. Repetition might not be fun, but it can be very useful. It helps to use our senses – eyes, ears, hands, mouth – to help us remember. Don’t just rely on just one sense, such as the eyes when re-reading. Instead use your hand to write notes and your ears to hear yourself repeat some key ideas. Visual: a ringing 6. When memorizing, DISTRIBUTE your learning. Spread your study time over a number of days; do not try to learn it all at once. Visual: eggs distributed in an egg carton. 7. Try to OVERLEARN. You want to be a master, not just an adequate student. Visual: See yourself as a GIANT towering over others....
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