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Learning Lab Faculty and Staff Web page and e-mail links with special interests . See also Directory Learning LabDepartment Head Yannuzzi, Mary 215.751.8484 [email protected] Academic Computing Adolphus, Edward 215.751.8094 [email protected] May, Henry 215.496.6016 [email protected] Nelson, Craig 215.972.6228 [email protected] Poole, Garvin 215.751.8486 [email protected] Stevens, Otis 215.496.6166 [email protected] Thomas, Julieta 215.751.8810 [email protected] Office Administrative Associates Floyd, Scarlette 215 751-8 Goodman, Ernestine 215 751-8481 [email protected] Jerom 8480 [email protected] McGinley, Joanna 215 972-6236 jmcgi ESL Specialists Pinto, John 215.751.8825 [email protected] Reitzes, Judith 215.751.8471 [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: Reading/Writing Spets Bonila, Paul 215.751.8472 [email protected] Tutor Support Francis, Anne 215.496.6020 [email protected] Northwest Reg Howard, Jay 215.751.8929 [email protected] Transfer/Schola Mitchell, Gary 215.751.8592 [email protected] Myers, Michelle 215.751.8564 [email protected] Spoken Word Nace, John 215.751.8485 [email protected] Writing Center Learning Disabilities Spets Mitchell, Olympia 215.751.8474 [email protected] Cooperative Learning Communities Monroe, Joan 215.751.8478 [email protected] Study Skills Science Spet Wong, Ted 215.751.8552 [email protected] Math Spets Chaskes, Gail 215.751.8440 [email protected] Hudoba, Lilla 215.751.8793 [email protected]..
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