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Student emails and future Student Handbook Ideas The Master Student Workshops are a series of study skills workshops offered every spring and fall semester. Topics covered include talking to professors, time management, textbook reading strategies, test taking, note taking, memory strategies, learning styles, and more. The workshops begin the week of January 28 th . Week of January 28th Are you uncomfortable talking to your professors about course material or visiting them during office hours? Get off to a good start – attend the Master Student Workshop to learn how to communicate effectively with your professors. Week of February 4th So much to do – so little time! Overwhelmed by classes, work or family responsibilities? Attend the Master Student Workshops on time management. Week February 11th Want to read textbooks more efficiently? The Master Student Workshops can teach you helpful reading strategies. Week of February 18th Reviewing notes on a regular basis helps retain information and develop understanding.
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Unformatted text preview: Attend the Master Student Workshops on note taking to learn more. Week of February 25th Want to improve your test scores? Attend the Master Student Workshops to learn test taking strategies. Week of March 10th Did you know there are strategies you can use to improve your memory? Want to learn more? Attend the Master Student Workshop to learn how to improve your memory. Week of March 17th Learn to think more critically about what you read and hear. Attend the Master Student Workshop on logical fallacies. Week March 24th Everyone has a preferred learning style. Attend the Master Student Workshop on learning styles to learn how to identify your learning style and use it to your advantage. Week of March 31st It is never too early to start thinking about final exams. Attend the Master Student Workshop to learn how to prepare for finals effectively....
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