survey - 3.7 4 10. I feel confident in my ability to...

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Writing Attitude Scale There are no right or wrong responses to the following statements about writing. Please indicate as honestly as possible how you feel about each statement on the scale provided. 5=strongly agree; 4=agree; 3=uncertain; 2=disagree; 1=strongly disagree Engl 098 rating Engl 104 rating 3.9 4.6 1. I look forward to writing down my own ideas. 3.7 4.3 2. I have no fear of my writing being evaluated. 2.7 1.2 3. I hate writing. 2.9 3.3 4. If I have something to express, I'd rather write it than say it. 2.3 2.2 5. I am afraid of writing when I know what I write will be evaluated. 2.9 1.9 6. My mind usually seems to go blank when I start to work on a composition. 1.9 1.7 7. Expressing my ideas through writing seems to be a waste of time. 2.3 2.2 8. I don't like my compositions to be evaluated. 2.2 2 9. I see writing as having no more value than other forms of communication.
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Unformatted text preview: 3.7 4 10. I feel confident in my ability to express my ideas clearly in writing. 2.3 1.9 11. I see writing as an outdated, useless way of communicating. 3.6 4.2 12. In my major or in the field of my future occupation, writing is an enjoyable experience. 3.8 4.2 13. I seem to be able to write down my ideas clearly. 4.4 4.8 14. Writing is a beneficial skill. 3.2 4 15. Discussing my writing with others is an enjoyable experience. 3.3 2.5 16. I have a terrible time organizing my ideas in an essay. 3.8 3 17. When I something to express, I'd rather say it than write it. 3.8 4.7 18. An ability to write will be worthwhile in my occupation. 3.6 4.7 19. I enjoy writing. 2.8 1.3 20. I'm no good at writing. Return to list...
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survey - 3.7 4 10. I feel confident in my ability to...

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