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takenotesclassfacultycopy - • Use abbreviations and...

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Taking Notes in Class Preliminaries Complete outside assignments Bring the right materials Sit front and center Review right before class In Class Date your notes Stay with the instructor Postpone debate Participate Watch for Clues Repetition Introductory, transitional, concluding words The board The instructor
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Record Develop a note taking method. Cornell is recommended. Use key words Use pictures and diagrams Copy everything put on the board
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Unformatted text preview: • Use abbreviations and graphic signals • Take notes the entire class Later • Review within 24 hours - right after class is the best time • Edit notes • Fill in key words (Cornell Method) • Organize your notes with graphic signals • Create mind map summaries • Conduct weekly reviews • Do a pre-class review Adapted from: Becoming A Master Student by David B. Ellis, 5th edition...
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takenotesclassfacultycopy - • Use abbreviations and...

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