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takinglecturenotes - underline main points 6 Copy and label...

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TAKING LECTURE NOTES EFFECTIVE LISTENERS: 1. Do assigned readings before the lecture. 2. Actively concentrate on what is being said. 3. Do not allow themselves to be distracted. 4. Put information into their own words. 5. Utilize lecture cues to determine important information: - voice cues such as: pauses repetitions lists signal words (see attached list) - written cues such as: handouts information on the board - organizational cues such as: introductions thesis statements examples supporting main points summaries or conclusions EFFECTIVE NOTETAKERS: 1. Have one notebook for each course. 2. Date and number pages each day. 3. Write clearly. 4. Put lecture material into their own words. 5. Use some type of an outline: - indent subpoints, details, and supporting evidence
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Unformatted text preview: - underline main points 6. Copy and label diagrams clearly. 7. Copy examples. 8. Use abbreviations (see attached list) 9. Leave extra space within notes to fill in missing information. 10. Review and edit notes as soon as possible after class. 11. Are willing to recopy their notes if necessary. ADDITIONAL POINTS: 1. Exchange telephone numbers with a classmate. 2. Review notes with a classmate. 3. If you must miss a class, ask a classmate if you can copy his/her notes. 4. Do not be afraid to ask questions to clarify your notes or to help you understand material. 5. Review notes from previous lectures before attending class....
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