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How to Talk to Your Professors Day One Self-Evaluation 1. List the names of your teachers this semester. 2. Bonus – List the first names. 3. When do your teachers have office hours? 4. Personal contact with an instructor can help with a. Grades b. Recommendations c. Connection to the college d. All of the above 5. When discussing problems, it is best to use the pronoun a. I b. You c. He d. She 6. When using college e-mail to contact an instructor, it is best to use text messaging abbreviations. a. True b. False c. Don’t know Why Build Good Relationships with Professors? 1 Learning Lab – Master Student Workshop
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It is to your benefit to have good relations with your instructors because: If you have a problem, teachers will be more interested in helping you find a solution if you have made a favorable impression on them. When they can’t decide which of two grades to give you, they are more likely to give you the higher grade if they have positive feelings about you. If you need references for scholarships and jobs, professors are more willing to write them if you have created a good impression. Students create good impressions on instructors when they: Complete required assignments on time Attend class regularly Are punctual Are respectful Exhibit interest by posture and facial expression Show they are willing and ready to learn Get to know their instructors Ask questions and participate in class discussions Volunteer Utilize office hours Students create unfavorable impressions by: Being absent Arriving late Being unprepared Slouching in chair Appearing to be bored or annoyed Dominating class discussions Holding conversations with other students while instructor is teaching Receiving cell phone calls Sometimes emergencies arise and you may have to miss class. If this happens: As a courtesy, notify your instructors by telephone or email. Ask what material was covered in class and what assignments are due for the next class.
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