THE FOUR C - THE FOUR Cs COMPLAINTS 1. Go to the source....

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THE FOUR C’s COMPLAINTS 1. Go to the source . Start with the person who is most directly involved with the problem. 2. Present the facts without blaming anyone . 3. Go up the ladder . If you don’t get satisfaction at the first level, to that person’s direct supervisor. Requesting a supervisor’s name will often get results. Write a letter. 4. Ask for commitments . When you find someone who is willing to solve your problem, tell him to say exactly what he is going to do and when. 5. Use available support . There are many groups which can support you in your complaint. 6. Don’t give up . CRITICISM 1. Don’t criticize the criticizer . When your mind is occupied with finding fault in others, you aren’t open to hearing constructive comments about yourself. 2. Take it seriously . Some people laugh or joke to cover their anger or embarrassment. Humor can be mistake for a lack of concern. 3.
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