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The G*O*L*D PRINCIPLE “You can ask me for anything you like, except time.” Napoleon Bonaparte There is never enough time. Once a second is gone, it can never be recaptured. While we can accumulate other things—money, clothes, cars, power—we cannot accumulate more time. No matter what we do, no matter how hard we work, and no matter how conscientious we are, each of us has only a finite amount of time to use and enjoy. So managing your time—making the most of this rare and wonderful gift—is essential to living your life the way you want to live it. G*O*L*D What is the G*O*L*D Principle? It is a method of taking control of your time. By
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Unformatted text preview: applying the G*O*L*D Principle to your everyday chores as well as your long-range planning, you can become better organized, more productive, and more successful in doing the things you want to do. The G*O*L*D Principle stands for four simple steps that are your keys to managing your time wisely and effectively. 1. Setting your Goals (for the day, the year, and beyond). 2. Organizing your priorities and planning how to achieve your goals. 3. Listing the things you will do on a given day (and sometimes for longer periods). 4. And finally— Do It Now! The time has come to begin. (From: Kaufman & Corrigan. How to Use Your Time Wisely . 1987)...
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